About Us


The MBM Sas range of production is split into three divisions:

·         Convertinglaminators, blenders, trolleys, plant for the graphics industry etc.

·         Engineeringspecial plant and machinery, automatic winders and unwinders, advanced automation for flexible packaging and the graphics industry etc.

·         Tecnologyprinting and laminating plant upgrading, reconditioning, adaptation, plant and system retrofitting for the graphics industry.

All the products associated with the three Divisions are marketed directly by MBM, with on-site installation and after-sales service assistance included.

The company’s production encompasses diverse sectors covering Engineering and Technology as well as Converting.

The financial strategy persistently followed by the business has always focused on a policy of diversifying investment, which has led to the development of highly innovative products designed for a demanding, select clientele.

The production is mainly organized into stations where the machine parts and components are assembled: the main processing operations carried out within the company are turning, milling and drilling for the transformation of raw materials into semi-processed parts, such as idler and heated rollers for the laminators. The other operations relating to the transformation of raw materials or semi-processed parts into finished components are generally outsourced. Special treatments, such as chromium-plating, painting and welding are also commissioned from specialist suppliers.