L Unwinder

The preparation of the joint is simple and secure: the gluing of the material to the cardboard core takes place while the belt is moving, maintaining maximum reliability.

The L series of automatic unwinders is fitted with a system that allows for automatic gluing and winding of reels of various materials such as paper, laminates, film, foil, etc. with no stoppages and constant, uniform tension.

The system is controlled by a PLC.

Reels of different widths can be prepared, and there are no constraints linked to the winding direction.





  • Automatic triggering of gluing 
  • Turret rotation by means of geared motor
  • Splicing unit with serrated blade
  • Winding system with or without contact roller
  • Adjustable tension
  • Motorized engagement and centering
  • Hoist / reel unloading platform
  • Motors/Brakes for reel axis movement
  • CE standard
  • PLC control
  • Optional expanding shaft or shaft-less