MBM plans for the future by drawing inspiration from its goal of “Customer satisfaction”. The loyalty shown by our customers as a result of the quality of our machinery is a guarantee for the long-term profitable future of our company.

Our mission is therefore to ensure that for our customers purchasing a product from us is a rewarding, beneficial operation without plausible alternatives on the market.

Our ability to uphold commitments made depends on taking a positive approach to problems, systematically carrying out research to improve our products and processes, and seeking constantly to grow.

The efficiency of our organization depends on all our staff giving their backing to management strategies within a climate of reciprocal trust and motivation.

Our ideas and projects are continually evolving in order to deliver technological solutions which are always new, competitive and reliable. Our ultimate aim is customer satisfaction, but in order to achieve that the satisfaction of personnel and the company overall are equally important. With a view to constant improvement, each operator suggests changes to means and methods in order to achieve quality and safety at work.

At MBM we are all involved in a virtuous process of improvement designed to add value to the company and its products. Within our organization we are all customers and suppliers at the same time, as part of a chain focusing on the external customer. Every activity or development phase must necessarily produce added value so as not to fail the expectations of the internal customer.

This means that the satisfaction of the external customer depends on our ability to satisfy internal customers through the systematic improvement of processes, and compliance with procedures, production schedules, planning in general and safety regulations.

MBM therefore commits its entire organization to widespread improvement of the production system in order to eliminate the causes of any inefficiencies, reach high quality targets and achieve a high degree of flexibility and low production costs.

As a result, the efforts and commitment of one and all are focused on establishing the following conditions:

·  reliability of internal and external suppliers,

·  security and guarantee of quality at source,

·  simplicity, modularity and standardization of products,

·  low frequency of technical modifications,

·  simplicity in production management systems,

·  optimization of warehouse inventory,

·  stability of production programming,

·  standardization of equipment,

·  plant reliability,

·  flexibility in production,

·  professional flexibility and decision-making autonomy,

·  involvement and motivation of all the personnel.

These commitments are seen as targets to be reached, with constant improvement in results.

Brief overview of the company

Founded in 2010 by Giuseppe Moroni, MBM Sas was set up as a design studio and technical consultancy. The company name is pure invention, inspired by “Manufacturing and Business Machinery”