Orion X6 Laminator

The Orion X6 duplex laminating machine represents state-of-the-art coating and laminating technology for film, foil and paper.

With the interchangeable trolley multi-process system, 10 different coating technologies can be used to obtain:

  • Lamination using solvent-based adhesives
  • Lamination using water-based adhesives
  • Lamination using solvent-less adhesives
  • Lamination using UV adhesives
  • Water or solvent-based lacquering with rotogravure trolley 
  • Water or solvent-based lacquering with Semiflexo trolley for heavy weights
  • PVDC coating
  • In-register Cold Seal coating on pre-printed reel
  • In-register one colour rotogravure printing
  • Wax or hot-melt coating and lamination